Valion is a battle playing card game like Final Fantasy 8’s Tripple Triad. Cards are played on a game grid, either 3 by 3, 5 by 5, or 7 by 7. Players can enhance their game by using grid cards and Skills or Magic cards, these work better on grids larger than 3 by 3. Grid cards and Skill or Magic cards are inspired from various moves and items within Final Fantasy 11. Many of the manoeuvres and tactics within the Skill cards are inspired from Dynasty Tactics.

Valion Card game is currently on sale, this includes a storage box, 47 battle cards, 28 skill or magic cards(SOM) and 28 grid cards and 2 playing die. Currently there is no purchasable game grid. You can purchase the Valion First Edition here.
Purchase Valion Card Game, First Edition

Players may also contact me if they would like there own playing character Valion card and discuss a quote for this. Contact me on to find out more.

Battle Cards

Battle cards have 2 colour sides, red and blue. When playing Valion, each player will be dedicated a colour. The players must then place their cards off the grid in preparation to be used. Each player will be able to see all cards to be used in play. Players then take turns putting these cards on the game grid to do battle with each other. Each card has 4 sides with a number value, called nodes. Nodes may ever be represented by a circle, used for defence or a circle and diamond used for offense and defence. Players may attack an opponent’s card by placing their card directly next to the opponent’s and while the connection node is an offense node. There are expectations for battle cards when using specific Skill or Magic Cards to aid in their attack, information on these is listed under the Skills or Magic section. If you succeed in your offense and flip the opponent’s card, you may preform a chain attack. A chain attack is when the newly flipped card preforms a secondary attack on opponent cards it is now next too. The flipped card may attack using any of its offense nodes. The flipped card may also be aided with a skills or magic card. The player can preform unlimited amount of chain attacks within the same move but at a cost. To use a chain attack the playing must either roll an even number on the dice or pay 1 vale per chain attack.

There are 3 different types of battle cards, Fighter, Mage, Tactician.


Fighter cards tend to have higher stats and more offense nodes. Fighter cards can use Fighter skills from Skills or Magic cards. Skills or Magic cards for Fighter’s tend are aimed at enhancing the current card to overwhelm your opponent.


Tactician cards tend to have lower stats compared to Fighter or Mage cards. Tactician cards can use Tactician skills from Skills or Magic cards. Skills or Magic cards for Tactician’s are focused on manoeuvres to bring ally cards into the attack overwhelming your opponent by numbers and cunning. Tactician cards can use any node as an offense node while using a Skill or Magic card to aid in their attack.


Mage cards are enhanced with elemental strengths and weaknesses. If a Mage card attacks an opponent’s card that is weak to their element, they will gain a +1 in offense. Likewise when defending against an opponent’s card, the Mage cards may gain +1 in defence if the attacking card is weak to their element. Mage cards can use magic from Skills or Magic cards. Magic cards are used to either enhance the Mage battle card’s offense or the magic can be used in a “HP attack, which can be used to destroy either a connecting opponent’s battle card or an opponents enhance or enfeebling grid cards. More on mage cards can be found in the Skills or Magic Section.

The Elements

Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Water, Holy, Void

Skills Or Magic Cards

Players may draw a Skill or Magic or Grid card before each turn. There are skill cards for Fighter’s and Tacticians and then magic cards for Mage, there are also offensive cards and defensive cards. These cards can be used when making an offensive move from a standard or chain attack or defending against your opponent’s standard or chain attack. Offensive cards cost vale, defensive cards rely on luck from a dice roll, the cost is shown on each individual card.

Fighter skills are aimed at boosting that induvial card. Tactician skills help pull in ally cards to help with an attack, furthermore Tacticians using a skill will enable all nodes as an offense node. Mage magic Mage magic cards can be used to boost the mage attack or be used as a HP attack to remove either a battle card or a enfeebling or enhancing grid card. Cards will be removed if the HP value of the magic is equal to or more than the defending card. Removed battle cards will be placed in the graveyard for either player to try and buy back or revive with item cards. Removed grid cards are removed from the game. Magic cards list their element and what they are strong against, for cards they are strong against the magic will either have a +1 boost in an offense node/s or +10 HP attack.

Grid Cards

Players may draw a Skill or Magic or Grid card before each turn. There are 3 different types of grid cards, Items, Enhancements and Enfeebles. Item cards are used before your turn and can have various effects, most are either have an instant effect or last until the opponent’s turn is over. Enhancement and Enfeebling cards are placed on the game grid and last until the opponent uses a remedy effect or destroys them using a Magic card. Both enfeebling and enhancing cards are placed on the player’s side just off the battle grid, players decide before hand how many of these cards can be used in play. Some Enhancement or Enfeebling cards may require a dice roll to affect the player or opponent within the playing turn. Most of all Grid cards will cost Vale to use, the cost amount if listed on the individual card.