Vagary Rules

Vagary will be run over the previous Dynamis slot on Mondays, 7pm Uk time every Monday

Vagary is a free for all event, this means everyone inside Majestic is welcome. We will work on a first come first serve basis. The only time a member may be turned away is if they do not have a job that can contribute to the alliance, where the alliance is in need of a contributing job or if you arrive late and we have filled all 18 places.

Currently the event will be lead by Nemezar, this will change once a candidate has been selected. All orders of the Vagary leader should be followed. It is key that people are paying attention to the rules as it is possible to end key a run if certain objectives are not met. Objectives can be tricky so following orders is vital.

Armour that drops during the run is free lot, the end bosses will drop multiple items or armour, please try to lot only 1 item per boss so that others may have an equal chance of obtaining loot.

Vagary Rewards

All armour and items from bosses are free lot, please only lot 1 item from each boss so we can share the rewards equally. Other than obtaining items each run players will also be able to set RoE Quests in content Vagary. These will first appear as achievement for killing each individual boss, after this weekly clears will appear which in turn will allow players to receive individual rewards separate to the alliance loot.

Players will also obtain a Frabicated Ward Key Item after each boss clear, after obtaining all 5 it is possible to obtain an extra armour or item piece by talking to the Odyssean Passage in Leafallia (H-8).

More can be found on vagary direct page Vagary Rewards

Vagary Strategy

Brash Gate

Zone in camp in centre. Have tank pick post to pop a wave of mobs, have tank pull into party for AoE nukes, tank with /rdm for diaga will pull faster. Blms may also pull in mobs with AoE depending on strength and quanity of blms and support (whm or sch).

Normal wave mobs have ellemtnal weakness: Ravaging Acuex Fire, Unabted Mush Ice, Jaundiced Slime Wind, Gangrenous Leech Thunder, Draery Obdella water

When boss pops it will pop with a variety of adds, make sure BLMs dont nuke with NM around, allow tank to drag boss to safe area before BLMs kill adds.

NM 1 is weak to ice SC, NM2 should not be nuked for more than 3K spam T1 Thunder nukes and DOT/Helix it down, Rancibus is weak to thunder SC

Deathborne Gate

Zone in and camp at the start area, cuddle up and have tank pull first set of formers into BLMs for AoE kill using Fire. After intial death Formers will continue to spawn and run to those with hate, if we cuddle up they will keep running into AoE nukes :)

On wave 2 an NM and adds will pop, tank pulls them close but not onto of party, BLMs firaga the adds then Fire SC NM

On wave 3 there will be 4 sets of 3 former. The first set will have a NIN use Geo vex and or Fade to reduce its impact. If youhave sch Fire SC them 1 by 1 otherwise pick target and fire nuke them down. There will be a set to right which has a Warrior that acts like a ninja he will cast shaodws multiple times, this seems to affect his 2 companions, due to this AoE them down. The final set far opposite will have a RDM disguised as a PLD, nuke him down fast to prevent his spam of enfeebles.

Final wave will have Palloritus and adds, AoE fire nuke adds dead then fire sc Boss

Duskbrood Gate

It is possible to kill the zone boss and 2 secret bosses all in this zone. To pop the secret bosses Perfidien and Plouton, the host must have KI Prototype pearl of ashen wings and Prototype pearl of the false king along with the normal KI. If any member dies during the run they will not pop or disapear.

To pop Perfidien you must; complete a 4 step sc, T4-5 Nuke kills *5 and 5 MB kills.

To pop Plouton you must; complete a 6 step sc, magic kills (maybe T6, maybe need quick deaths)*5 and 5MBs without kill doing 5K+.

Once pop either NM, take it down to 89% using Fire or Fire SC, then find its new weakness and SC this, you may need to repeat if he changes midway.

At NM1 Umbril camp, pull ellements first, Blms AoE fire nukes, then pull NM and fire SC

At NM2 Fairy camp, pull ellements first, Blms AoE water nukes, then pull NM and blizzard SC

At zone boss Putraxia, Pull the boss and avoid the elementals. Blizzard SC boss unless you failed to kill all ice ellementals in which case then Fire SC