onidori's Profile

Long has the Linkshell of Majestic called for such a hero as onidori. onidori was born from the far away kingdom of Windurst born an orphan and some rumour born directly from Shantotto’s magic, this mysterious character is known throughout the land.

Being a Tarutaru, onidori has many worthy attributes such as the ability to use unnatural magic, live in peace along nature and still gain access to all those fun kid rides other adults no longer can.

onidori keeps an open mind to all matters, their ability to think rationally gives them knowledge of both the light and dark paths but they choose not to walk them. Engulfed in the aura of magic onidori plans ahead using strategy taking only what they need to be victorious in battle while hoping to see out the battle, onidori knows living to fight another day may win the war.

Title: Iron Giant Surfer!