Keeo's Profile

Long has the Linkshell of Majestic called for such a hero as Keeo. Keeo was born from the far away kingdom of Sandoria it is here that they learnt the basic adventuring skills that would atone them into the soldier their king holds in high regards.

Being a Mithra, Keeo has many worthy attributes such as athleticism and predator like reflexes. Unlike other species Mithra have the ability to morph from female to male form; this happens to the majority of their species.

A shadow of a former soul some utter, but Keeo has chosen the path of darkness and this is what have given them unrivalled power over those foes. Engulfed in the aura of magic Keeo fights bravery choosing to fight mainly alone edging on the side of caution, Keeo see’s retreat as a good solution if the going gets rough.

Title: Blood Mage!