Janas's Profile

Long has the Linkshell of Majestic called for such a hero as Janas. Janas was born from the far away kingdom of Bastok Brought up from a wealthy family, they were educated by non-other than the famed Cid, here they developed advanced skills to use in the field.

Being a Hume, Janas has many worthy attributes such as being incredibly sexy while at the same time being average and not standing out in a crowd unless they are wearing a mankini.

Janas keeps an open mind to all matters, their ability to think rationally gives them knowledge of both the light and dark paths but they choose not to walk them. A mixture of sorcery and sword Janas plans ahead using strategy taking only what they need to be victorious in battle edging on the side of caution, Janas see’s retreat as a good solution if the going gets rough.

Title: Bard!