Babytaru's Profile

Long has the Linkshell of Majestic called for such a hero as Babytaru. Babytaru was born from the far away kingdom of Bastok Brought up from a wealthy family, they were educated by non-other than the famed Cid, here they developed advanced skills to use in the field.

Being a Tarutaru, Babytaru has many worthy attributes such as the ability to use unnatural magic, live in peace along nature and still gain access to all those fun kid rides other adults no longer can.

Babytaru has chosen the path of hope, bathed in the light of the crystal they endeavour to uphold values others have long since forgot. A mixture of sorcery and sword Babytaru plans ahead using strategy taking only what they need to be victorious in battle while hoping to see out the battle, Babytaru knows living to fight another day may win the war.

Title: Puppet Master!